I’m starting to realize not everyone is as ‘lucky’ as I was to have a traumatic injury in life. I say that because, having something cataclysmic happen in your life can slow you down, and when you slow down, you can actually stop and look at yourself and where your life is…

You need to be alone with yourself, and in the present moment. No running narrative over the movie that is your life. No constant distractions, and completely avoiding the present moment. If we’re always busy and always doing something, giving our minds something to have a narration about, then when we sit down with ourselves we freak out. The constant narrative shifts to our unconscious programs that are always running, usually stemming from buried emotions, and they’re tough things to look at.

When you slow down and you look at what you’ve been running from, you might find the thing you’ve been fearing all these years is just you, yourself, maybe your inner-child. Mine was just a scared kid needing the assurance he would always be unconditionally loved, and then one day I decided to tell that kid in me I would ALWAYS love him, no matter what horrible thing he thought he’d done or horrible past he thought he’d lived. He would always be loved by me in the here and now, always and forever.

Slow down and LISTEN. No judgments here. Only listening and understanding. Your buried emotions are TEACHERS. Learn from them, and only once we learn, can we truly let these heavy weights we carry around go. Slow down and listen.



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