Free-Minds Podcast is Live!!!

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce we have released the podcast preview episode for free-minds podcast today!!!
Also please like and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, the support does NOT go unnoticed I promise 🙂

Enjoy Episode 1!


We often allow the external world to define who we are as people based on who we’re with and our external environment. Based on the thoughts that we experience and often believe other people perceive us as. We also avoid the knowing thyself through distraction which can take on many forms.
There is an authentic you – a unique expression of consciousness – in each of us. This podcast joins Trey Jackson in his journey of self-discovery exploring ideas and topics about the true self, and interviewing others on their journeys to remember and live as who they truly are inside.

Episode 0 is simply a podcast preview – Join Trey Jackson as he introduces the show and what we’ll be discovering on this journey together !”

Link for direct streaming!

Thanks to the listeners – none and I mean NONE of this is possible without you all!!!
Nothing but LOVE,
Trey Jackson”

Libsyn Streaming and Download Link:

Youtube Stream:



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