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Brief Summary:

The aim of this podcast is to show people we are not the ‘masks’ we wear or the ‘avatars’ we create. Through our lives we have picked up a lot of ideas and mental constructs about who we are, when in reality they aren’t real. When you’re born you’re given a name, a nationality, a religion, political party, etc… Later in life you add to this picking up things you like / don’t like, and defining yourself as a conglomeration of these ideas.

Generally all of these ideas we construct around this misnomer of an identity are things we are doing so the external world will like us, and we will be accepted by society. We wanted to be accepted and liked by others so we shift our persona into something that we ‘perceive’ as acceptable. Today, “You are not what you think you are, you are not what someone else thinks you are, you are what you think/perceive someone else thinks you are…”

In this process of trying to ‘add to’ ourselves we tend to lose our true nature and stop communicating from the source of truth within us, and that is from our heart. The goal of the podcast is to remember how to get back to source, and remember our true nature. It takes a lot of digging and getting dirty to accept yourself and love yourself for your uniqueness, your darkness/demons, and not comparing or judging yourself against others’ journeys. I want to help people who want to remember who they are with some real life stories/examples of how we get back to being who we are in our truth, in our hearts.