Taking Off the Armor


The Armor Once Served a Purpose, But its Okay to Take it Off Now

Yesterday when I was making my first blog video, it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I felt completely vulnerable and was trying to ‘create’ this character of who I would be on the blog. Ironically, once I felt that happening I immediately sat down and just started speaking from the heart – the point of the blog is to be authentic. If we are going to live authentically from the source of power that is the ‘real’ us, we must first notice the fear, become aware of it, understand it… Once you know the fear and understand it, it can be let go and transformed into something that works for you.

Rejecting something that is a part of you will never work out well. You will only end up fighting with yourself on how you ‘should’ be. To become whole, and to become the real you, you must gracefully thank and accept all parts of you.

In this video I explain some mental armor I had to put on in childhood – and at one point it served a pretty important purpose. It protected me and kept me safe. Once I understood the original purpose, I could give gratitude to the fear (or the mental armor) for a job well done. It protected me from middle school through high school. Once I had grown up, I had forgotten I even had the armor on. I had accepted it as a part of who I was, even though the real me is completely above it.

Steps for Removing Mental Armor:

  1. Realize a negative thought pattern once served an important purpose in your life, so stop fighting with it and telling it that it’s not part of you. It is.
  2. Notice the negative thought pattern, the way it behaves, when it pops up in your awareness; however, do not try to silence it. Simply notice it.
  3. Once you have noticed the thought pattern, and you are more comfortable and calm when it comes around, then the next step is to provide gratitude to it. Thank the thought pattern or idea for the purpose it once served. Then let it know you no longer need it in its current structure/form.
  4. Now release the thought pattern, as if you were erasing words on a dry erase board. Now the dry erase board no longer has the thought on it, and something else can be written. Generally the best way is to instill a new more positive thought pattern that better serves you. Something in the affirmative.

Nothing But Love,

Trey Jackson