Shadow Work: Embrace Your Inner Douchebag!

In my most recent posts I’ve been talking about how we need to accept all parts of ourselves. I’ve mostly been focusing on my inner child who was stricken with grief and desperate for love… And providing that inner child with self love.

While love and service to others is ultimately most of our end goals – we also have to take care of ourselves first. There is a part of us that gets angry when people screw us over, and sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to be angry when that happens. I’m telling you you’re allowed to get angry if a person screws you over in any way where the outcome works better for them and leaves you in the dust. IT’S NORMAL to feel that way.

You don’t have to project that anger onto whoever it is that did this ‘to you’, and I don’t advise you should do that. Find a healthy outlet for your anger. Whether its screaming into a pillow, yelling at the top of your lungs when someone cuts you off in traffic, throwing socks as hard as you can at something, etc… I joined a kickboxing class as a release mechanism for any of this anger I have, and I have enjoyed it immensely. It is part of you and you need to allow it to exist. It feels good to embrace it and allow it to be.

Additionally – we all have an inner douche-bag within us. This is the extreme, and this can be in existent even if people aren’t fucking you over. This inner douche-bag can be extremely arrogant and condescending of others, and think that you are better than most people. It differs for most, but this is part of our shadow. It is some part of us that makes us feel icky and repulsed by its existence because, “I would never act like that”. When you get repulsed by someone doing something atrocious, sometimes your repulsed because that part of you ACTUALLY exists. And it’s 100% okay because we are freaking human.
If we are going to be of service to the world as a whole, we need to embrace this douchey side of us. I made a blog video to show you an example of how to let your douchey self out. Take your douche on a date, maybe write out every thought that this douche in you (phrasing) has. GO WITH IT. FEEL IT FULLY IT. You will feel really great after… I promise šŸ™‚

More Info: Tucker Max is an extreme example of someone who lives his inner douche-bag – and honestly he does it pretty well. If you want an extreme example of the douche-bag within he may be a good place to start. If he repulses you, then look at what parts of him repulse you.

Shadow Self - Duality


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